KF-R620 Pivot Foot Stretcher Type A FOR 1x, 2x BOAT

Regular price $425.00

The SRD flagship Virtual Pivot foot stretcher for 1x and 2x shells, designed to enhance rowing technique, improve power transfer, maximize rowing comfort, and fully adjustable.

  • 1010 grams (2.227 lbs)
  • L: 256mm W: 245mm
  • Full carbon fiber stretcher board
  • Stainless steel Virtual Pivot binding units
  • Spring tension setting
  • Mounting clamps for traditional 25mm O.D. toe bar
  • Adjustable lower pipe for easy keel track mounting
  • Heel ties are not required by FISA/ US Rowing/ Canadian Aviron
  • Compatible with KS-R620 Carbon Soles rowing shoes Only