What is the SHIMANO Rowing Dynamics System?
SHIMANO performance engineers took what they have learned about effective energy transfer based on their many successful years leading the cycling industry and then worked with elite members of the rowing community to design the SRD system. The SRD System consists of either the SRD pivot Foot Stretcher or the SRD carbon foot stretcher for flex shoes and one of several models of SRD sport specific shoes for rowing.

Why is the SHIMANO Rowing Dynamics System important to improved rowing performance?
Rowing is an energy transmission sport. SRD shoes facilitate effective rowing through a rigid sole shoe or rigid stretcher which provides instant power transfer. The Virtual Pivot on the SRD Footstretcher and the full carbon stretcher for flex shoes maximizes power transfer, especially during the critical 1st 10% of the leg drive. The Virtual Pivot makes it far easier to achieve proper compression at the catch and reduce blade slip. This full compression can be achieved with no foot dorsiflexion thereby reducing muscle fatigue and energy loss. More time and comfort at the front end (catch) also allows for more efficient blade placement.

How adjustable is the SRD System?
The SRD System allows for full adjustability including heel depth and foot stretcher angle. The system allows for wide stance which facilitates maximum power application combined with excellent stability. Custom fitted shoes are available in sizes 5 – 16 (Euro 38 - 52).

I don’t see any heel tie downs. How safe is the SRD system?
The SRD system is extraordinarily safe. The system has been reviewed and approved by FISA, USRowing. and Rowing Canada Aviron.  It is very easy and fast to unclip by raising the feet vertically or pulling on the release lever of the flex system. Not only is SRD safer than conventional systems, it is far more hygienic. Each rower can have their own individually fitted shoes which easily clip in and out of each of the SRD Foot Stretcher. Other than rowing, in what sport must an athlete share his/her shoes with another athlete?

Will SRD fit into my shell? All shells?
The SRD system fits into all rowing shells.  The Pivot System is designed for 1x and 2x shells and the flex system is designed for all shells.

Who is using SRD now?
Several world class male and female Olympic and World Championship medalists use SRD as well as several Grand finalist at the NCAA and IRA championships in 2017 and 2018. Our customers at the junior rowing level have won national championships in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

I’ve heard that the SRD System is heavier than a conventional system?
The SRD Foot Stretcher is somewhat heavier than some foot stretchers, but the shoes are about the same as any other structured shoe. We suggest that you compare your best times over a known distance with your current system and with SRD. Despite being slightly heavier, most experienced rowers feel that the performance gains far outweigh any weight difference. 

What other performance benefits can I expect with SRD?
You may experience some or all of the following benefits when rowing with SRD:
• Rowing with Less Fatigue
• Reducing Boat Heave
• Reducing Boat Pitch 
• Reducing Blade Slip by 10%
• Maximizing Initial Leg Drive
• Increased Control During Recovery
• Achieving More Effective Power Transfer
• Attaining Superior Adjustability

  • Owning your own shoes
  • Caring for your own shoes

What's the difference between "Medium" and "Heavy" on the R600 stretchers?
Medium vs heavy is determined by shoe size, so that a wider foot can fit into the heavy size stretcher.  See the sizing chart.

What is (are) the weight(s) of the SRD assemblies, including all hardware?
KF-R600 stretchers are 1300 grams

KS-R700 carbon fiber shoes are 730 grams (size 47)

KF-R500F stretchers are 892 grams

KF-R500F flex shoes are 645 grams (size 47)

What material(s) are used to construct the KF-R600 stretchers? I row 98% in salt water conditions.
Material is aluminum and stainless steel and surface treated for saltwater durability. We test all materials in a simulated, heated salt water environment in addition to natural testing in natural salt water environment.  We have top clubs all over the country using this equipment in salt water.