The Shimano shoe system has been an integral part of the development of our team as both the Pivot System and Flex System have allowed our rowers to get the most out of their ability. Greater effective length at the catch and a noticeable increase in the rowers comfort around the front end are two clear advantages in the Shimano system. When every inch counts, the rowers know they’re getting all they can out of every stroke and that confidence is a valuable thing. Plus, John provides invaluable support to ensure that our boats are set up perfectly and the shoe system works smoothly at all times. Our results over the past few years are due to many things and Shimano is a key piece of the puzzle.

Heading to NCAAs.

The boat/shoe system helped us get there.

Thanks! - Jason Steele

The improved stability has a positive effect on my perceived effort and fatigue profile.

- Greg Benning

Shimano SRD rig perfectly installed by John Geary of SRD. Rows beautifully. Very solid catch, controlled recovery. Flexible heels are excellent. Should have done this years ago. 

- Andrew Isaac

National cathedral first place in women’s first and second eights at Stotesbury regatta, for the third straight year. All three years and all six boats had Shimano. Thanks for your help man!

- Gregory King

We started using the Shimano Flex Shoe System, with the Shimano full carbon stretcher board this spring and rotated our entire roster through the boat so everyone was able to provide some feedback. With our more experienced rowers we were able to see improvements at the front end and faster catches, and with the younger guys, we found that they were more comfortable at the front end as they learned to connect at the catch. The Shimano footstretcher system has been very helpful across the entire program and helped our Frosh 8+ win Gold at the 2018 Dad Vail Regatta.

- Brian Perkins, Head Coach, Temple University Rowing