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The SRD Flex Series Toe Steering foot stretcher with lever release bindings designed to function as a traditional foot stretcher for boats that require toe steering, complete with quick release bindings for emergency release from foot stretcher and lever release for quick change of shoes.  The steering mechanism is full carbon material enhanced with indexed steering, so the rower can feel neutral rudder with a click of the steering arm.

  • 930 grams (2.05 lbs)
  • L: 256mm W: 265mm
  • Full carbon fiber stretcher board
  • Stainless steel binding units
  • Spring tension setting
  • Mounting clamps for traditional 25mm O.D. toe bar
  • Adjustable lower pipe for easy keel track mounting
  • Heel ties are not required by FISA/ US Rowing/ Canadian Aviron
  • Compatible with most cable housing
  • Compatible with KS-R500F shoes only

    Foot Stretcher Sizing Chart

    Rowing Shoe Sizing Chart