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  • IKFR600M


    SHOE SIZE 38-47

    Efficient Rowing
    The effects and the mechanism of "Virtual Pivot" and "Rigid Sole".  R&D Reports are available.

    Smart Rowing
    The SRD700 Foot Stretcher Binding System provides an easy binding/releasing and stable foot condition.

    Multi Adjustment
    The SRD700 Foot Stretcher adjusts through a wide range to flexibly change configuration to match the rower and the boat. 


    Virtual Pivot:

    Virtual Pivot(VP) is a rotation axis that enables adjustment of stretcher angles depending on a rower's position. Rowers are able to keep perfect sole angles throughout the stroke in order to exert their best performance. VP is an important feature of SHIMANO ROWING DYNAMICS.

    Binding System:
    Binding System is a structure which connects shoes to the stretcher, and was made through the innovation of racing bicycle technology of SHIMANO that provides an easy binding/releasing system. The shoes are connected to the stretcher simply by step-in, and removed by putting heels-up.

    Multi Adjustment:
    SRD can be installed on any rowing boat. You can adjust the stretcher angle as a conventional system, and it covers any riggings needs by fixing vertical positions of the foot and width/angle of the stance.


    Assembly Manual



    Foot Stretcher Sizing Chart

    Rowing Shoe Sizing Chart

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